I recently joined a group called "The Zombification of America."  The title is pretty self explanatory, but we think it's a good cause.  It's the actual, physical "Change" of America's backbone: it's population.  Our primary focus is to "convince" everyone of our political ideologies, and we figure what better place to start than at the top.  We hope that Zombama will bring his supporters over to us on huge platters, in order to constitute ourselves with his constituency.  In addition to changing the future of America, we've also started a grassroots movement to bring our nation back to its roots... or rather, its roots back to America.  We've been developing methods to bring back our forefathers... in a literal sense.  We realize that we are mixing the different type of Zombies, but we feel it is important to show our founding fathers their creation in its current form.  Maybe they could balance the budget or, more importantly, truly help America go "green."  Also, it would be just plain cool to sit down with George A. Romero Washington, Slaybraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedead in the same room.  Anyway, we hope you will consider joining us.  If you do oppose our views, we ask only that you eat a lot of carbs, and avoid hitting us in the head.