I've been on a bit of a Zombie kick lately... And, honestly, who hassn't?  So, I decided to see what would happen if I were to suddenly die and then un-die.  The result, (if I have documented correctly, which I absolutely think I have) is better than the original.  I think the greenish skin-tone actually compliments my figure better than the pasty white, and it brings out the yellow in (what's left of) my blond hair.  The decaying skin isn't as complimenting, but nothing a little ex foliating won't take care of... Actually, that seems like a bad idea.  I guess I could just leave them.  Something to distract you as you become my next meal.  Anyway, besides the lack of limb control and problems with enunciation (which isn't that big of an issue, I only need to say one word: brains), I think life as an undead is actually quite satisfying.  I hope you all will join me... and if I have my way.... you will...

*Note: for those of you who care, this was done on a natural sketchbook, using ink and colored pencil, with some photoshop touch-uppery.  I took  picture of it, and sent it to my email, so unfortunately, the size and quality are a bit suspect.

**Note #2: The title of the post is actually more clever if you put the stress in the right place: JER-om-bie.  I know it's more natural to think it would be jer-OM-bie, but in so doing, you would be wrong.  So wrong.