Ladies and Gentlemen, do we have some exciting news on the Zombie Frontlines... Abraham Lincoln has joined our cause!  It's funny what enough money and a little necromancy can do!  Yes, after 150 years, Mr. Lincoln is once again ready to be among the living.  Unfortunately, the process wasn't completely smooth.  Imagine, after all this time, being the only person who didn't know who killed Abraham Lincoln.  He was upset to say the least, and has an understandable beef with actors now.  He said vengeance would be his, and I who am I to get in his way?  In fact, that's the kind of sentiment we love here at ZOA.  And we're hoping he can continue this enthusiasm into next year... We were going to wait and make a special announcement, but I cannot contain my excitement:  Mr. Abraham Lincoln is throwing his proverbial top hat into the presidential race!  Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Zombraham Lincoln* is making another bid at the presidency.  We feel he should have the right to finish out his second term, but, to be fair, he will be running again in 2012, under the Green Party (we're changing the meaning of that... And if anyone has a problem with it, well, we have the means of making them truly "green").  THESE are exciting times.  Stay tuned for updates!

*He didn't really like the previous nickname of "Slaybraham." He felt it was dishonest...  He doesn't "slay."  And we know, can't have a "Dishonest Abe." We're not here to rewrite history, we're here to eat it.