Congratulations Robert Bryce Buckley Jaws Gallagher to the Third Marlor!  You are now Graduated... from LIFE!  With this defining moment in this young man's life, we at the ZOA decided to try yet another experiment.  We wanted to know where true allegiance lie, and we thought Buck made a perfect candidate.  We wanted to know which instincts would kick in, once zombified.  Buck is a die-hard (to say the least) BYU Cougar fan.  Yet, today marks his graduation from the University of Utah.  A life-long dedication to an establishment and its sporting clubs delves deep into the human psyche, and is difficult to penetrate, even by a College Degree from another institution.  So, the debate ensues: heart vs. mind.  His heart lies in BYU, but his mind was educated at the U of U.  The heart wants what it wants (irrationally), but the mind looks at the world objectively (rationally).  The sensation of a BYU win, or the security and feeling of accomplishment of a U of U Grad.  Which of these two will win, when Buck becomes undead?  Which instinct drives the Zombie Psyche?  Well, the results were, rather predictable actually.  He did not choose Blue for BYU, or Red for the U of U... He chose Grey, as in Matter... Although choosing Brains would lead one to conclude that he chose with his mind, he actually was not choosing 


 brain, but rather, the brains of


.  We called the experiment a success, for even though the study was not overly helpful, we can now include Buck among the Undead.  Congratulations once again, you Stalwart Beast of a Man!